I would like to share today on how God speaks and calms the storm.

Mark 4:35, …let us go over to the other side. Mark 4:37, and there arose a great storm of wind… 

For most of us, we have taken the giant stride in moving towards fulfilling our purpose, we know where we are headed and we are really sure we are going over to the other side… but… the storm arises, we are faced with challenges and really in need of the storm to settle. Doubts begin to fill our minds and we are unsure if we are really on the right track. The storm was so great that the ship was full.

Are you so overwhelmed by what you are going through at the moment? Are you doubting the direction you are in?… Jesus arose and rebuked the wind saying “peace be still” it means that God still speaks even in the storm… He speaks through His word assuring us of an expected end(Jeremiah 29:11) 

This new week, as you journey over to the other side, be conscious that you also can speak and calm the storms in your life just as Jesus did…

“I speak peace into everything that concerns me… Peace be still…I’m going over to the other side… I am Triumphant”

Don’t forget, its for your advantage.


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