The ADVANtage

In every school calendar, there’s always a period of lectures and the period of tests and exams. Some of us get scared at the time of tests and exams, ranting about our in-capabilities and how unprepared we are. 

Now, I am beginning to understand the spiritual aspect of the examination period. It means that I have stayed too long in 100Level and its time to go up. The time for exams suggest that its about time to be promoted. We need to understand that the test and tough times we are going through is the sign that promotion is round the corner. 

Testimony for me is a yoruba word; test ti moni(the test I had). So, what do I do when going through this seemingly hard time, I should rejoice knowing that faithful is He that called me and He won’t leave me without help… (1corinthians 10:13).

Friend, tough times never last, but tough people do, winners never quit… Hold on to God during your test and trials, your testimony is here… don’t forget, its for your advantage.

Ayo Opeyemi
House of Sparks


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