The S.E.E.D

The ADVANtage

Every seed produces a fruit, every fruit produces a seed. It means that there is no end to life, no end to greatness. Every great milestone has in itself a potential milestone.

The challenge we are facing is that we are looking to pluck the fruit rather than sow the seed.

This is your S.E.E.D;

S= Sight, you need to see not look, you can’t feature in a future you did not picture.
E= Education, it simply means you need to learn, acquire knowledge. If God said His people perish because they lack knowledge, it means the seed to live is in knowledge.
E= Exceptional/ Excellence, if you do what others do the same way they do it, you get the same result, so do it differently going an extra mile.
D=Diligence, Prov.22:29, have you seen a man diligent in his business? He will stand before kings and not mere men.

Sow your seed and you will pluck fruits of greatness, it lies within you… When God said let there be greatness and there is ‘YOU’… 
Don’t forget, its for your advantage


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