so many times i hear around me, hey i love this guy, or i am in love with this girl. its become a regular thing among our generation that i ask myself do we all really know the true meaning of love?

normally, if i ask evri1 to start giving their opinion about what they thing love is, trust me, we wont get a similar answer and a whole rim of A4 paper wont be enough to give the different meaning of love.

but i think i can come up with a few definitions that i have heard in a while.

“love is when you show true affection to your partner, and take care of his/her needs” “love is when you put aside every other person just to stick to your partner” “to a married man, love is being there for your wife because you two have become one, and because she is the weaker vessel”

i can go on and on with various definitions of love. the way i see it, our definitions is how we see love.

i am not condemning any of the definitions, because what you see, is not what i see.

but then, i want to show us a little bit of different side to the definition of love. let’s just say i call it giving every letter a definition. the letters of love are L. O.V. E

we are going to pick it letter by letter and try to see what each means.

 L- LEARN: the major reason i like the letter “L” is because it start words like: LIKE, LIFE, LOOK, LEARN, LITTLE and so on and so forth. the one little thing i discovered with this words is the either refer to you, or someone/something around you. for example, you LIKE yourself or someone else. its your LIFE. you are either LOOKing around you or yourself or someone else, it goes on and on like that.

how many of us has tried at every point to learn something new every time about a friend, a brother, a sister, a parent, or even our spouse? the good thing about learning is that one you start, you don’t stop. so have we started learning or we feel we have known enough, or we don’t even know anything at all?

love learns. it learns every little details about whosoever it is showing itself to. the funniest thing is in even loving ourselves, we need to learn new things about our self, because we can never know ourselves completely. and if we are to love someone else as we love ourselves, it quite logical we learn something new about that person as we are learning something new about ourselves.

the thing with learning is you can never know enough, and you never stop learning. the minute you stop learning either about yourself or about the one/people you love, you actually stop loving them.

a friend said something to me one day “i am going to learn something new about you everyday, and I’ll keep a dairy of it, so that wen i feel i have enough, I’ll write a book about the things i have learnt from you”.

don’t stop learning something new about who you love. learn the good, the bad, the ugly, the tiniest details, learn them as they come, you would be surprise at what you will discover.

learning is an act of love. ladies its a two-way thing, don’t just say its only the man that should learn things about me, do also learn things about him. you just would be surprise that things he didn’t know he does, you would find it out for him.

learn something new today.

fun-filled weekend and a blessed week ahead.



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