The ADVANtage

Valentines Day

Today is a day so many people have been waiting for to come, and here it is finally. Valentine’s day or should i say lover’s day is here. So many activities and functions just to celebrate this day and it makes it sweet because its going to be a weekend celebration, from the mall to the cinemas and all that… friday, saturday, sunday. All fun weekend.

Lets stop for a minute and ask ourselves, where did this relationship that i am now start from? how did it start? what was the attraction? were we friends? or was there a linking up? what special thing apart from the physical appearance did i see that made me decide that it’s this person i want and not any other person, on what grounds did we start off from?

Now i guess we are wondering where exactly am headed…

Sure i have a direction, and i am getting there, slow and steady wins the race.

After asking ourselves these question, one other vital question we need to ask is this, in the duration of this relationship, did what i see then still attract me now, or is it dead, or has it improved? is there a positive or negative change or it’s just static?
After the celebration today and the spill over of the weekend, would we go back to the routine, go back to the regular life we have been living, go back to the busy schedule, the fights, the arguments and all the things we do.

The point is this, i want us to take our relationships of no matter how long back to where it started from, lets allow this valentine mark the beginning of a new start for us, let’s do the things we were doing when it was all new. if we were friends, let’s relate as friends again, and bring friendship into the relationship.

I don’t know about you, but for me a same routine could be boring and killing. i like to do new things and not go through a normal route every time. Now its time to change the routes, change the game, change the rules. Take it back to where it all started from, and start off from a new routes. This time it would be better, because it’s the routes that changing, not the person.

Let this valentine period be the time you give yourselves to start off afresh and do things better than before. Lets call our valentine day, a day of fresh start.

From the whole crew of ‘The ADVANtage’, we are wishing you a fabulous valentine’s day.

Have fun, it comes only once in a year.


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