Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist

While growing up, I have always had the idea that when they call anyone ‘Oliver twist’ it represents something totally negative like being greedy or uncontented…

I woke this morning and I got inspired by this…

Oliver twist wanted some more food, he wasn’t satisfied with what was offered to him so he asked for more… I realize that life was designed to offer you a measure of itself, that measure on its own isn’t enough for you.

Then, I took a pen and a paper to write down the things I have that is the measure what life deposited, I am thankful and grateful to God for the blessings, yet I want more out of life than just living.

This is where most of us miss the point, we start to run after the seemingly tangible things that on the long run aren’t permanent, we forget that the reason why Oliver twist was abused was not because he asked for more, it was because of this singular fact “what have you offered, you think you can receive without giving out”- you will only stink, the scripture clearly states that anyone who gives receives and it will be in a good measure, press down, shaking together and running over shall ‘life’ give to your bosom.

With this in mind, I asked the next question, what am I offering, what can I give, the more I give out in terms of effort and energy towards the aspect I want more, the more I receive… For me, I want more love, I want more money (before nko)… It applies to everything and anything as long as life is concerned…

The more of my smiles I give, the more I get, the more of love I share, the more of love I get, the more of my resources I give out, the more I receive. It may not make sense to the ordinary mind, it could be common sense to keep and withhold, but common sense is for commoners, wisdom is for kings…

Don’t forget… its for your advantage..


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