The ADVANtage


I sat in a bus while in traffic, looking outside at the nearby market then I saw the level at which men worked.

I realised that the measure of our success doesn’t necessarily depend on the level of hard work. You may ask me why? If its really by hard work, then majority should be big earners.

If you like bag all the degrees in this world, attend all the entrepreneurship seminars you can, get awarded with certificates from professional institutions, there’s still no difference with you and the truck pusher in ojuwoye market- all na hard work wey no get guarantee.

What then makes the difference?

there is only one factor that makes the difference. there is only one difference that adds flavour to the hard work we do and makes it result in sucess. a small child cant push a trailer without having extra support, that child who trys to push the trailer without support is only pouring water into the basket. but when the support comes, he becomes more powerful than the strongest man in the world.
a friend of mine says you have to believe in one thing in this world. you either believe in God or the devil. there has to be a supernatural power that you depend on. some trust in d devil. but then no one eats with the devil with a short spoon, his spoon has to be long. and when the devil gives 1 he takes 100 in return.
this is where we are driving at, its God the maker of heaven and earth that makes the difference.

Ibukun oluwa lo n muni la, lai fi lala kun, meaning its only the Lord that maketh rich and adds no sorrow to it.
let God handle your business for you, and it would be a testimony that the whole world would happily acknowledge with. let God be the flavour added to your hard work and you would not only be addreessed as having asuccessful work, but you would be address as SUCCESS.