The Advantage

Hi guys am so sorry i have been quite for a while now, a lot of activities going on. I had the completion of these series in mind, but then like a lecturer of mine says, life happens. Anyways am back.

So we started with learning something we never knew about our spouse or partner, and we also learnt to open up and express our feelings in love.
So here i come to the third letter, which is V.
Before i give a meaning to the letter V, i would like to ask, where do you see your relationship going? What direction do you see it moving towards? Are we in just for the fun of it or we have something to achieve? Is there a future for the two of you or its just a ship on water with no direction?
Permit me to stray away a bit. Now most organizations we know, or should i say every organization or body has a vision, and a mission. When i was young i usually ask what exactly is vision? The dictionary meaning of vision says the act or power to anticipate that which will or may come to be. For me it simply means a dream of where i want to be. Its the vision of an organization that drives their mission and make the do what they do.

This is where am heading to. The V in Love stands for VISION. Without vision you are moving aimlessly. What is your plan for your relationship, what do u visualize for your relationship? Where do see your relationship leading you to? Whats the purpose of the relationship? Are the both of you on the same page of the relationship or different pages? A vision answers the where and the how of relationship. Where are you going to? How do you intend to get there?
Lets face it, if you dont have a Vision of where you want to be in your relationship, its more like you walking in the air, and the wind directs you to wherever it pleases.
Ask yourself this question, where are we coming from? Where do you intend to go? Are you alone on the journey? Saw a write up somewhere and it said
Dont go on a journey with someone who wont allow you to arrive. You and your spouse should talk about it and know if you are alone, or you are on the same boat. Because you could be dating physically but you guys are not together mentaly. Know where you want to be and see if your partner is willing to go there.
I promise to complete this other part very very soon.

Love you guys so much.

Oluwanishola Orimoloye


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