the operation didn’t go as plan, everyone had an escape route apart from him. the police are around, there was no where to run to, no where to hide, no one to turn to. the yoruba’s would say, ti iwaju o ba se lo, eyin a se pada si, meaning if i cant go foward, i would go back to where i am coming from. the only place to run to was to run home. right now is not the time to think of if they would welcome him with open arms, at least, it is said that omo eni o le buru ti ti ka fi f’ekn paje- one’s child cant be that bad to release him for the lions to eat. there would always be a way out when he get home, how and who would help he cant think of right now. still running, the police are about to catch up with him, one prayer, God, if i come out of this alive, i would serve you for the rest of my life. finally he gets to the door of his house, an his mum with his twin were the only ones at home. ran in, locked the door, there was blood all over his shirt. the police have surrounded the whole building, no escape route. knowing this was life and death, he wasn’t ready to hand himself in, yet if didn’t, they would take every one. whats the way out?
the next statement he hears is give me your shirt and take my shirt, we look alike and they wont know the difference. he couldn’t believe was he was hearing. this is his brother, his twin he had despised for 25 years of their life, simply because he didnt go in the way he wanted him to go, willing to lay his life down for him. the mother was in tears, because she would loose one son and have the other, but she is about to loose the good one. give me your shirt, and be fast, before they come in. no time to argue, no time to start explanation, just do it. time was running out, so he did.
there the exchange took place, and the police took him away. the judge sentenced him to death by hanging, because he pleaded guilty for a crime he never committed just to give his brother a second chance to life. and all he could hear in his head wile his brother took his place was give me your shirt and take mine.

what love is greater than this, for a man to lay down his life for his brother? for he who knew no sin, became sin that we might become the righteousness of God. Jesus Christ took upon him our unrighteouness, our cloth of blood and the collar of death hanging upon our life, and made a big sacrifice just for our sake. yet the difference wasn’t noticed, why? because we were made in HIS IMAGE. there was an exchange, he took death that we might have life, and gave us a second chance to life.

in this season of easter, where we celebrate his death for us and his resurrection, one question i need us to answer for ourselves is this, am i making good use of the 2nd chance i have been given? what impact am i having i the life i was given to live again? who am i willing to make sacrifice for? to whom much is given, much is expected. Matthew 25:32-46

Happy easter guys…..
doesnt mean u guys shouldnt send my easter rice and chicken **winks**

Teminiola Ayo


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