the apple of my eyes


yesterday evening, he called me the apple of his eyes, and funny i asked him to say in yoruba and he said it, “Eyin oju mi”, truth be told, i felt on top of the world. then a though came to my head that if a mortal like me calls me the apple of his eyes, how much more my Heavenly Father, who bought me with the Blood of His only Begotten Son, so that i might be called the Apple of His Eyes.

actually this is not the exact place i am heading to, but then there is always a linkage to all the story. the first question i want to ask is when the eyes get dirty, do we ever pluck it off? of course i guess Not. when there is a problem with the Eyes, then i personally feel there is a problem with the rest of the body. this theory washing the dirty off the eyes apply to every aspect of our lives especially our relationships. when your spouse, your father, your mother, your sibling or even your child offends you, you don’t kill them do you? you simply forgive. the minute you stop forgiving, it is like you are using your own hand to pluck your eyes off. because be it as it may, that person or people are to you like the eyes is to the body.

ok lets bring it down to our level, there is this adage in my land that says “igi yi o da, a yo kuro ninu ina, igi yi o da a yo kuro ninu ina, igbawo ni ounje ti a se ma jina”? which means if you keep removing firewood from the fire all because it is bad, when will the food you are cooking ever get done? your past boyfriend, you broke up with him because you caught him cheating on you, this one you are on the verge of letting go, why? because he is not taking care of you or he is still struggling or some other excuses that my head cant think of right now. when exactly do you want to stand your ground and stay put in one that you know can lead to marriage? when exactly do you want to wash the dirt of your eyes and give it room to see clearer? am not saying we should stay when there is a genuine reason to go, what am saying is the power to be able to manage the worst of situations and produce the best ever is what makes a woman stand out. lets learn to wash off the dirt and give the eyes a clearer vision. and this also applies to the guys as well, no one ever comes perfect. there is no fully made lady or man out there. you two work things to come to a place of compromise.

lets think about it for a moment, even God himself that calls us the apple of His eyes, washes off the dirt from us every time and makes us look brand new. HIS MERCIES ARE NEW EVERY MORNING.

well i hope am not only the apple of his eyes during the good times alone, but also in the bad times.

we can make the best of every situation if we are willing to put the best in it.

Remember its for your Advantage



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