opa mose

Few hours ago, they were filled with joy that finally they are leaving the land of bondage, though they had memorable times there, their state was one the richest, plenty of food, yet they worked as maids, wash men, truck pushers, masons, carpenters, street cleaners and the likes. when they were migrating because they had grown larger than the country, they had the opportunity to make a request from other residents in the state, they were given choice ornaments, one-in-town cloth designers. These guys had so much in their hand…

Then they got to a dead end, they couldn’t go forward, their limo-horses and feet-Benz got stuck… they were right in front of the Red-Sea… at the moment, the challenge they were staring at turned their mood sour, they complained and murmured to their stammering president who at this point didn’t know what to do.

Let me bring you home for a moment…

You were filled with so much gladness at 2013 rolled away, because you had access to The ADVANtage, you acquired a lot through knowledge. as 2014 came in, the excitement just didn’t stop… its a good thing.

Now, i am not envisaging challenges for you, but the truth be told you will see challenges, so, like these people what will you do?

Their president stammered crying up to God for help, as usual, the Almighty gave an instruction “Stretch out your hand”…

Note that the people had so much in their hand, the gold and other ornaments, what did their president have- A ROD…
As he stretched out his hand, the sea part and the people walked on dry land…

Let me bring you home once again…

Most of the time, we have believed that the secret to our breakthrough lies in beautiful possessions, we always think that until we acquire this or that before things will get  better. this taught me that the most minor possession in your hand is most of the time the catalyst to your breakthrough.

What of that job of yours, you have always thought that it is too small to make you. what about that wife of yours, you have always thought that she may not be the best person after all…

I am asking you, What is in your hand?

The moment you begin to acknowledge the insignificant minute things that you possess, then you be sure that your success rate will sky-rocket and you will always find yourself living on the advantage.

Don’t forget… it is for your advantage.


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